March Lucille

March Lucille is a concert march dedicated to the memory of Lucille Longo.
Lucille Longo was the matriarchal manager of the Temple, NH Town Band. She revived that band
in 1976 for the Bicentennial of the American Revolution. She loved that band, and she worked hard for that band
finding new members wherever she could, getting instruments for folks who used to play but no longer
had an instrument, and getting concerts and parades lined up for the band to perform in.
She was a grandmother to everybody, taking interest in their lives outside of band, and making sure that cards were sent from
the band whenever a big event occured or even if someone were ill. She did all the management work,
leaving the conductor to concentrate on the musical side of the band.
Every band should have a Lucille!

Download PDF file of condensed score sample: March Lucille Score Sample

Download MP3 audio file: March Lucille Audio File (recent rehearsal)

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