Band-In-A-Box Information
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Band-In-A-Box is an accompaniment auto-generation program.
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Band-in-a-Box allows for easy entry of the chords to a song, a single click to play
and a backup band starts playing from your computer or external midi device.
I always recommend that people purchase the megapak version to get all of PGMusic's styles, melodist disks and soloist disks.

Since there is such a wide variety in people's tastes in music, PGMusic programmed the ability for users to create personal backing styles.
Follow these links to sites to find out more about professionally designed styles to complement PGMusic's styles:
At Norton Music, Bob Norton's many fine styles, as well as Roy Hawkesford's great styles, are available.

While the entry of chords for songs is easy, if a Band-in-a-Box user simply wants to start playing, purchasing pre-compiled "fake disks" is a great solution.
Bob Norton, owner of Norton Music has created many "fake disks" to accompany published songbooks, which can be accessed from Norton Music.
Additionally he offers fake disks from others such as Jim Wedd and David Bailey. None of these disks contain melodies, simply the chords.
The songs are arranged so the user simply selects the song and clicks the PLAY button.
The two fake disks David Bailey has compiled are to accompany these two books:
The Definitive Jazz Collection, published by Hal Leonard Corporation and Just Standards Real Book, published by Alfred.
Norton Music has the disks for sale.
If you already own the books, then the disks are ideal as you can simply install them and begin playing.
Individualized Band-in-a-Box arrangements are available for a small fee.
These will not include any melody unless you own the copyright for the melody or the melody is in the public domain.
In order to include your original melody it will be necessary to send me a copy of your melody in standard notation.
For more details contact David Bailey via e-mail..
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