Alison Bailey
Music Lessons

Violin lessons, Piano lessons, Viola lessons and Cello lessons.
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      The Suzuki method of learning music works for children and adults. It is also called the "mother tongue" method and was originally created so that very young children, with their parents' help, could learn to play the violin. This method has expanded to include the piano, viola and cello as well as the violin. I offer lessons on all these instruments.
      In teaching I create a positive learning environment that, in the case of young children, includes the parent's presence and encouragement. Adults and older children work independently.
      By breaking down the process of learning to play an instrument into small steps and including a listening component that trains the ear (actually both ears, but musically, this is called ear training singular!), amazing abilities can be developed.
      My purpose is to offer music as a form of self-exploration and self-expression, a creative tool. Additional benefits of studying a musical instrument include a development of internal discipline, continued and more complex brain development, development of memorization and reading skills, understanding how to break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable ones, and lots of smiles! Music lessons and performances also look great listed on high school National Honor Society applications and College applications. Everyone can find their own purpose for learning to play an instrument.
      Some students go on to play with friends and family, at parties, weddings and concerts, from the coast of California to the crags of Scotland, wherever their lives lead them. Others have gone on to pursue careers as professional musicians. While the basic principles and techniques I teach can be used in any setting, I encourage each student to follow his or her own heart.
      Music is a powerful art. Rewarding and real, it impacts us emotionally, intellectually and physically (think work-out music, dance music or a bridal march). The sense of accomplishment at the mastery of each new folk song, Twinkle variation, or piece by Bach brings a sense of success and often joy. It is my pleasure to help beginners, intermediate and advanced students on their journey to mastering music.

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